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What the day is...

Ok so i just started reading my old entries and two things dawned on me:
1) livejournal is fun eff what every else is doing and
2) im extremely funny..who knew?

So i think i'll start updating again
the amel larrieux background is nice but i think i need something that says "2006" nawwhaimean?

i dont think there is anything new in my life.
since the last time i posted i have:
1)stopped working at ultrazone, which is a blessing in itself
2)still not done w/ school! i see all my high school class graduating college and at first i was bitter or ashamed or maybe it was just gas but then i realized im on my schedule! no body elses nobody buddy!holey moley donut shop!

oh that reminds me(sorry, hope yourenot one for odrer),
nobody gets my slang! Jervae, today i said "what the day is" and somebody said "june 6th" and theydidnt get why i laghed in their face!

i had so much fun a bens party i didn't even make sense!
and then joshes b-day bowling bash
thats right i saw josh sory two weekends in a row, jealous?


im sorry i just had to put that on the i-net!

well thats all you get for now...........tune in next time
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Hi. I'm not graduating yet.
I am getting married soon though!
I want to know the secret formula behind your slang. I hate reading it, laughing, knowing it's funny, but not knowing why. Whacky tobacky!

Lines of the Day:
"Holey Moley, DOnut Shop!"
"What the day is?"
All i want for Christmas is a blunt and two fat bitches with a belt buckle that says glitter... I really hope you get the reference or else i just seem retarded. I need you to message me back so I know its cool to get you to PB to get dumb. Late!
i all i want for chritmas is a fat bitch that smells like cheeseburgers so chico can lick on her! YACE! PB here i come !