Veritas (jubilantsun) wrote,

if i dont see josh this weekend...its 187

Tell me why my fried ebony pulled a hamstring and had to miss 3 days of work?
thats not the funny part, the funny part is she pulled it dancing! yes thats what im talking about gotting down!

to day at work somebody told me i talk to fast. my response?
"yeah i talk a little fast, but if you listen a litte faster i dont have to slow down you you can catch up" YACE! not in 2006! in 2006 my will be done.

i went to the movies w/ dazel and amber and stephen. it was kind of random cuz dazel has some wierd power over me to make me feel awkward like all the time. Now usually people and their opinions have no effect on me what-so-ever...but i dont know this chick is differen. she must be like a level 7 guildmage or something.

so im supposed to go to the san diego eff that the del mar fair on sat. i invited josh to go. i hope nobody minds but eff that i need somebody on team john to be there.
last night they were all talking about how distant josh is but i think im closer to josh than anybody else, wierd you say ?

i hope he goes

shanes cell phone fell in the ocean so i have nobody to text message, therefore i haven't spoken to shane all week ! BoOoOoOo!!! i never realized how sad it is to try and communicate w/ someone via myspace comments!

riddle me this: why is adam blotner in san diego and hasn't told me?

quote of the day:
" Por Favor, Believe it"
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