Veritas (jubilantsun) wrote,

i'll always call it the Del Mar Fair!

yesterday pretty much went off without a hitch. went to the fiar with: dazel, ben, stephen, amber, raquel and jeremy luce!
Such a random group but i did not feel awkward once all yesterday. I think Raquel and i will dance to just about anything.

saw michael and tyffani burroughs. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. for some reason i am always really nervous when it comes to seeing people i knew in high school. idont know why.

then we came back to my place. i was so nervous because i have never had pepole over to my place before and i didnt know if anybody would have fun cuz there is not much to do. it takes a lot to be a host! i had no radio, oops. no ice, oops. no food, double oops. but i think everybody had fun( crosses fingers)

jeremy is cool beans man. i had a class w/ him in like 10th grade and i think he was in 8th, so i never really talked to the kid but i should have! hes pretty awesome.

anyway,josh was mia but i still had fun, crazy you say? crazy indeed
but he promised me that he would come down next weekend

heres hoping...
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