Veritas (jubilantsun) wrote,

That A'int a Monkey on Your Back, Thats Donkey Kong

YACE!last night was extra "lean wit it rawk wit it"!
Jayson got us to go to the san diego sports club...and i actually had fun! Now let me give you a back ground on the sports club, the name is a litte misleading. It has absolutly nothing to do with sports and i seriously doubt any of the patrons know what a sport is.
so everybody ther looks like this:

and they play music for people that look like the gentleman above. But in the middle of all the coke heads dancing...the dj plays, of all things....KELLY CLARKSON! YACE and Everybody knew all the words! i mean everybody! it was over, everybody was showing out!

then he went back to the mandatory electo-whatever and at the end of the night plays: Kanye west "GoldDigger" and everybody knew the words. i was curious to see which one of these people was brave enough to say NIGGA. everybody looked all extra tempted but there was a single black girl so they edited themselves...but eveytime the word came up they all looked at her!Boooooooooooooooo! turned out i knew her too!

ok so steve better come through on our vollyball game today

***i dont care though cuz josh story is in san diego YACE!!!***
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